A Building for the Children

We are building a very big building for the children, where 48 kids can have accommodations and we need a lot of money to do that. We want to give the children a good space to live, eat and enjoy their lives.”

From humble beginnings where faith was mighty and finances were minuscule, Udaya and Bhakti have obeyed the call of God on their lives. Through many years of service they have built a reputation within their community where people have come to rely on them when children are in need. 

Not too long ago the deputy mayor in the Western Nepal reached out to Udaya when two small children were left orphaned after their father killed their mother in a drunken rage. After bringing Shiva and Anisha home, they faced challenges like a language barrier and significant trauma, but Udaya and the 30 other children there have provided them a place to thrive because they know they’re safe and loved. 


This bustling home of 32 children has provided well for a long time, but the rent in Kathmandu is increasing steadily and the threat of eviction for being Christian is imminent. After praying for years and constantly looking, land that was sufficient for the needs of the Forever Home became available and at a price that was affordable. 

The land for the Forever Home

To make this dream home a reality it requires lots of planning and money. When a volunteer team from Engineering Ministries International said they would partner with ServLife and help put these dreams into a plan the project got some traction. The engineers put together a plan that meets the specific needs of the children in the home and leaves space for the ones that haven’t yet found their forever home.

This dreaming and planning can only become a reality with help. Udaya shares, “That’s why we are going to invest a lot of money in that (home). But without money, we cannot build the building. And without the building, we cannot make the children happy.”

May your generosity be evidence of God’s provision as we work to raise $480,000 over the next 3 years. Help us reach the first milestone for the Forever Home of $100,000 so we can make plans to break ground. Please consider giving your largest gift ever by the end of the day tomorrow to have it matched up to $50,000.