Finally Home

The deputy mayor said, “Udaya, we need your help.” A local man had killed his wife in a drunken rage and was thrown in jail, leaving their two children all alone. The mayor pleaded, “Can you take these kids?”

It was the rainy season of 2018, deep in the forest in Western Nepal, and Nepal Director Udaya Bhatta patiently listened to the deputy mayor explain the children’s situation. After meeting the children, acquiring the necessary paperwork, and praying, Udaya said yes to taking Shiva and his sister Anisha into the ServLife children’s home in Kathmandu.

Udaya recalls, “When I brought them here they did not know even a single word of Nepali language or how to communicate. It was a difficult time.” Through the help of Udaya and Rekha who speak their tribal language, both children have developed the ability to communicate in Nepali. Shiva is still struggling with his studies because of the trauma and nightmares he continues to have. Udaya says, “Shiva is a small boy but he is a boss. Shiva likes his studies although he is slow in his learning.”

He has built strong relationships with the older boys in the home. Udaya says. “Shiva likes to play football and soccer ball and he likes to play and he jumps around with the bigger boys also.” Udaya continues, “I think it feels good for him. Everyone loves him, that’s why he’s adjusting and feeling good.”

Shiva is in lower kindergarten, and has flourished in this loving home and built strong relationships with the other children. He is finally home.