Caring And Loving

Udaya and his wife Bhakti started the children’s home with two kids and it has grown to 32 children. They felt called by God and there was great need in Nepal. Udaya shares, “The government was facing the Maoist insurgency. There was fighting in the country and many parents, they died and many children became orphans.”

After college, Udaya worked as a Vice Principal at a local school during the day, and preached the Gospel of Jesus in the evenings. During one of his street-corner sermons, Udaya was arrested and put in jail for a month. When he was finally released, he was without a job and had very little money left. It was at this moment that God called Udaya and Bhakti to start an orphanage.

They began praying for guidance for the future and with two children of their own and very little money, they acted on faith and brought two orphaned children into their home. That one step of faith began their journey with the children’s home. Udaya shares, “In 2003, we found ServLife International.” Fast forward to 2020, “Now we have 32 kids here (in south Kathmandu) and 31 kids in Daya Girls Home in Kailali and around 200-some kids are just getting a scholarship program.

”Through their faithful commitment to the children in need throughout Nepal, Udaya and Bhakti have helped children reach higher education. “Some of the children, around 12 children, they have graduated from our children’s home. They are still studying bachelor’s level but it’s a good work.”

“Children should be treated in the way they should grow,” Udaya concludes. “That’s why God asked us to do this ministry and we are working for that.”