Need to Build

“We need to build a building because we are paying lots of money here for the rent,” Udaya shares. The rent in Kathmandu has increased each year and they have even faced threats of eviction because they are Christian, which has happened before. Building a good facility will create space to provide a safe home and ownership from the children.

Udaya shares, “they would begin to feel like, ‘this is my home.’” A building of their own will also create autonomy to use the facility however they see fit and allow them to better meet the needs of the children and also save the ministry the money used on renting a building.

Udaya says, “It is not good for these precious, orphaned children to be moved from family member to family member, from one children’s home to another.” There are 32 children in the home currently, but the need for housing orphaned children in Kathmandu and the surrounding areas is still great.

The dream of building a home with a specialized design will allow the children to use the facilities as their own and personalize it. Through God’s providence, land near their current location has been purchased and the dreaming has become more real. Udaya sums it up perfectly, “We want to give the children a forever home.”

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