We Plant Churches.

The Gospel of Jesus brings hope, restoration and healing like nothing else can, and we desire to share this hope and love with others. Through our training schools, pastors are equipped and empowered to start churches throughout north India and Nepal. ServLife believes in sustainability, which is why we changed the way we do pastors salaries, first as a pilot program in 2015, then officially across the board in 2018. We used to give pastors a full salary for their first four years then decrease funding by 20% for the next four years. Now we’ve learned from our microfinance program and are giving each pastor a loan to start their own side business that won’t be too time consuming but will allow them to have a livable income.

Pastor Training School

Since 2002 ServLife has trained over 400 pastors to launch churches, with over 12,000 people attending over 600 churches now. We train pastors who go to some of the darkest unreached locations in India and Nepal where they are planting churches, and caring for communities. Pastors do more than just preach the Word. They are the embodiment of God’s love to the communities they serve- communities including the poor, oppressed, sick, and outcast.

“Our one desire is to see the healthy church...” Director Bekharaj shares. “That’s why we train leaders and pastors.”

Train a PastorOnly $300/mo.