Relief for Vidya and more

The COVID-19 global pandemic has had a crippling economic impact for families in villages and cities throughout India and Nepal. “Because of the pandemic, all the businesses are closed, all the schools and universities are closed,” Nepal Director Bekharaj shares. Nepal relies heavily on tourism for their economy and with the pandemic, tourists have stopped visiting. All restaurants and businesses are closed and many people have lost their jobs.

Munni and her daughter Vidya

India Director Raja shares, “India was not prepared for this, we were not prepared for this, and the most affected people were the daily laborers.” Vidya and her mother Munni were among the many families in India devastated by the pandemic. Raja says their situation is common, “Her father is a daily laborer, and this family like other families were affected financially, socially and emotionally during the lockdown period. Just like other families, they too were in a miserable situation. Munni Baski has three children and they live in deep scarcity.” Raja continues, “In this situation, the food Relief Camp Distribution helped them a lot. Not only this family but other families are also very thankful…for the relief provided to them.”

Throughout July in Nepal and Bihar, India, ServLife leaders have been providing assistance to those who need it most. 63 orphans in our children’s homes, 416 families and 65 pastors and their families have been recipients of the assistance.

Director Bekharaj’s team in Nepal as well as fellow Nepal Children’s Director Udaya and India Director Raja have been working hard to provide relief to orphans and families. They’ve given out packets of rice, lentils, salt, sugar, and cooking oil, providing a month’s supply of basic needs for more than 2,000 people. Director Bekharaj shares,“We provided salt, cooking oil, so whatever they needed for cooking daily. Their life will be (more) easier in this crisis. They can at least have food on their tables.”

Bekharaj shares, “Throughout Nepal, people are feeling blessed and are realizing that there is someone out there who cares for them and because of this relief we have a good opportunity to reach out to people and to share the love of God.”