Visiting The Prisoner

Man Kaji Rai Nepali pastors serve their communities in many ways beyond preaching from a pulpit on Saturday morning (in Nepal the Sabbath is celebrated on Saturday). They are taking seriously the directive Jesus set out in Matthew 25 to feed the hungry, house the stranger, clothe the naked, and visit those who are sick and in prison*. Pastors are giving up their homes and churches to families who lost all they had in last spring’s landslides. They’re walking or bicycling for miles to visit prisoners, pray for the sick, and care for their congregations. These pastors have a passion and a mission they live into every day. Pastor Man Kaji is one of these men.

Pastor Man works in a remote yet beautiful hilly region of Nepal. Pastor Man has seen God work in miraculous ways in the region, curing physical and spiritual ailments and reconciling people to Himself. One of the greatest transformations Pastor Man was part of happened to a man called Bharat.

Bharat had been trapped in the drug trade. He experienced horrible addiction and also began selling drugs in order to support his habit. Bharat’s wife and three children understandably suffered because of his vices.shivapuri-trekking When Bharat was put in prison because of his involvement in the drug trade his family was left without a father and provider. They knew they had to find something to deeply change Bharat’s life. Having heard of the situation, Pastor Man went to visit Bharat and his family. He shared the gospel with them and told them about the power a relationship with Christ has to change a life. Bharat and his family opened their hearts to God with Pastor Man’s guidance, and began the process of reconciliation.

Now, a year later, Bharat and his family are attending Pastor Man’s church regularly and are proudly telling others of the transformation they have seen in Bharat’s life. A relationship with Christ helped Bharat overcome his addiction and change his life. Pastor Man was willing to go where God called him, to visit the prisoner, and God performed miraculous transformations as a result.

If you would like to support Pastor Man or pastors like him who are doing this important work, visit our Pastor Sponsorship Page.

*Matthew 25:34-36

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