Adam_HS_largeAt the end of Paul’s first letter to Timothy, he leaves him with one final instruction: Protect what has been entrusted to you. Paul’s instruction does not come from a place of fear or worry or insecurity. In fact, the majority of the letter is just the opposite. Paul encourages Timothy to be bold, to shut down false teachings, to hold firmly to his faith, to pray diligently, to nourish himself with the Bible, to pursue Godliness, to encourage and teach others, and to persevere to live and teach the same things. Pursue righteousness, love and gentleness. Teach generosity. And finally, “protect what has been entrusted to you.”

These seven words have been sinking into my heart and creating deep resolve. To protect my family. Protect my heart. Protect my staff. Protect the children. Protect the pastors. Protect families in extreme poverty. Protect the future and growth of ServLife. Not from a place of fear, but from a bold, missional place of health and growth.

Your support of the pastors, children and families in India and Nepal brings protection of their present realities: empowering church growth, education and care, and quality of life. It also lays the groundwork to protect their future, introducing a life that was not possible without your investment. Thank you for your generosity and commitment to these pastors, children and families.

May we protect what has been entrusted to us. May we live lives of bold faith with a love that comes from a pure heart, a good conscience, and a sincere faith. Amen.

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