Full of Life

IMG_4087SQAbisekh is vibrant, even for a toddler. At almost three years old, he is very small for his age, but is still full of energy—chasing his adopted siblings through the house and keeping every one of them wrapped around his little finger.

Looking at him today, no one would ever guess at the journey that brought Abisekh to ServLife’s children’s home in Kathmandu, Nepal. Abisekh’s mother passed away when he was only 26 months old. She suffered a heart attack due to complications from a medical treatment for swelling in her leg, possibly a result of poor medical infrastructure in the remote area of west Nepal where they lived. Being the only child of his parents, Abisekh was left with his grandmother while his father sought work to support their family. Unfortunately, tragedy struck again when three days later Abisekh’s grandmother also passed away suddenly. This was understandably very difficult for Abisekh’s father, losing two close family members and caregivers for his son so abruptly. He continued to look for work and struggled to care for Abisekh on his own, wanting to keep his beloved son close, but found the strain of both providing for their family and looking after Abisekh to be too much. He went seeking aid, and a friend in Kathmandu referred him to the ServLife children’s home.

IMG_4175SMWhen Abisekh first arrived at the children’s home he was underweight and malnourished. He had not yet learned to speak well and did not like to move or play much. The full time staff and the other children at the home accepted him as their son and brother and began build up his strength with proper healthcare, nutrition, and love. Now, his new family says that Abisekh pretty much runs the house. His older sisters dote on him, and he is always the center of attention. He has gained weight, is speaking in full sentences and running and playing like a normal 2 year old. This happy ending to a difficult journey would not have been possible without the staff and children at the children’s home, along with Abisekh’s ServLife sponsor in Indianapolis. Thanks to their diligent care, generosity and love, Abisekh is full of life.

If you would like to support the life and journey of a child like Abisekh visit our child sponsorship page.

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