Spiritually Charged

In March over 100 pastors gathered in India and Nepal to learn, praise, and fellowship with one another. The gathering brought together the graduates of the ServLife pastor training schools to continue their training and spiritual growth through seminars, worship gatherings and encouraging each other. The two conferences focused on finding strength and courage to follow God’s vision for the pastor’s lives and churches.

Many of the pastors came in feeling tired or alone in their ministries; each living in far remote villages in India and Nepal. They faced opposition and even persecution throughout their year and were in need of something to recharge their zeal for ministry. Many traveled for several days to reach the conference, but once they were there, the payoff was enormous.

The pastors were encouraged and equipped with teaching by three guest pastors from Vista Community Church in Texas and Gospel Harvest Mission in Pennsylvania, as well as local pastors. ServLife Executive Director Adam Nevins and Assistant Director Tim Kurth also presented at the conferences and let the pastors know they are supported and prayed for by communities on the other side of the globe. The pastors left invigorated and filled with desire to take God’s love to everyone they meet and serve other as Christ served when they returned home.

Pastor Bhim Ratna shared that at times he was very discouraged but after the conference he was a new man. Bhim told us, “It Is like my batteries have been charged… Spiritually charged!”

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