Church of Healing

IMG_5469SMdarkJesus spoke often of seeds and harvest. While the harvest is plentiful, Jesus pointed out that the workers were few. In villages in north India and Nepal, the potential harvest is enormous. Thousands of villages are as yet unreached by the gospel, and Christians make up only 2-3% of the population. With this potential all that is needed are the workers. Workers like, Pastor Bhim Ratna.

Pastor Bhim has seen the seed of the Gospel bloom into a church of hope and healing. Bhim’s experience of faith began with his father who struggled with demon possession when Bhim was young. Bhim’s father would come home from work every day and take off all his clothes down to his underwear and go to a town nearby where Hindu funeral cremations were performed. He would then spread the ashes left over from funeral pyres all over his body and go to the top of a mountain where he would dance all night long. Shocked and worried by this behavior, the family tried to cure his father any way they could. They went to local witch doctors and tried ceremonies from different religions but nothing cured his father. Finally, a Christian woman offered her help. She called people from her church and they came to pray over Bhim’s father and he was delivered from the evil spirit. Amazed by their father’s immediate transformation,IMG_5498 the family began attending church with the people that helped them and Bhim was inspired to become a pastor.

Now, Bhim leads a church in central Nepal that has been growing steadily due to similar transformational experiences of healing. Many people from the area have been miraculously healed through prayer at his church. This has resulted in the entire community hearing about the power of Jesus. Bhim can hardly walk down the street without people asking him to pray for them. He and his congregation no longer have to travel to preach the gospel to people in the area, but rather people seek them out to hear about the healing power of God. Bhim’s ministry is blessing an entire village and God is truly bringing a harvest.

If you would like to support ministries like Bhim’s, visit our planting churches or pastor sponsorship pages to find out more.

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