Adam_HS_largeGod is making all things new. This transformational reality from Revelation 21 is possible because “God has moved into the neighborhood, making his home with men and women!” (Rev. 21:3)

We know from 2 Corinthians 5 that we are made into a new creation through Jesus and that God is drawing all of humanity and creation to Himself, and He has invited us to participate in this work of reconciliation. So plant a tree and share the hope of Jesus.

The seed of the good news of Jesus is being planted throughout India and Nepal, and it is ripe for harvest. The rural areas are typically less than 1% Christian, but new churches are growing rapidly through preaching, healing and sacrificial service. The need and opportunity are so great that some pastors are leading multiple churches in 3-6 villages. As Pastor Bhakta in Nepal puts it, “my church is growing every day. I’m like a doctor. Almost all the time I am praying for people and they get healed and then come to the church.”

Thank you for investing in pastors who are planting the hope of Jesus. Thank you for supporting children to grow into “oaks of righteousness.” And thank you for empowering families with small loans to cultivate a new business and flourish on their own.

May the freshness of spring renew our hearts and minds, and remind us of the presence of God to make all things new. May we plant seeds of reconciliation and hope through our time, treasures and talents.

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