Sonu went to live with his grandparents at a young age. His grandfather runs a small roadside shop and his grandmother cares for the home and children. They struggled with Sonu and his behavior and weren’t sure what to do to help him.

When his grandparents heard about the new school and the type of education Sonu would receive, they were excited. They shared, “We immediately decided to send our grandchild to Bethel School. We love that it provides a complete English education, as well as all the basics in Hindu.” At the school, Sonu is also learning about Jesus and Biblical principles for daily life.

Since Sonu started attending Bethel School, his grandparents have seen a great change in him. Before, he would wander around the neighborhood during the day, wasn’t eating healthy, and had poor hygiene. But now, he’s being provided with nutritious food each day, has developed healthy hygiene habits, and he’s working hard on his studies.

“Sonu has also made many friends and we’ve seen his behavior improve greatly. He has become much better at listening, and with his manners. We’re thankful for the opportunities he has at school, and how he has been taught to study and be a good student.” These changes have also impacted Sonu’s desire for the future. Although he is young, he has begun dreaming about his future and is motivated to go into the field of medicine as a doctor.

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