Pastor Mangal

Pastor Mangal lives in a small village in northern Nepal near the border of China with his wife and children. Four years ago he was able to attend the ServLife pastor training program and from that training he received Biblical teaching, training for leading in ministry, and fellowship with other leaders. When he left for this training, his church had only three regular attenders and pastor Mangal was feeling disheartened. He shared, “After the training, I went home and I was really encouraged. I was really ready for ministry and God has helped us in the ministry. Now we are around twenty to thirty people having fellowship there.”

After returning from training, Mangal was elected as a local authority member in his village and that has given him the opportunity to meet political leaders and share the gospel with them as well. His position has also given him the ability to minister to some surrounding villages and grow his ministry. There are now some leaders who have taken on more responsibility within his church and have started leading and mentoring five different groups of believers. These groups provide fellowship and discipleship for over 500 believers. 

With the growth of his church, Mangal and his church leadership are facing challenges in where to meet and how to afford building a church building. They’ve also been facing persecution for being believers in Jesus. “We have also been facing persecution, people have prejudice and have the wrong idea about us and towards christianity.” Mangal continues, “Many of them blame us thinking we have sold out our traditional religion, we have been paid, taking money for the conversion of religion. All this blame can be hard to face, but in all these situations, God is working among and through us and we’ve been able to reach out to many villagers and there are many people coming to Christ.”

For $200 a month you can help train a pastor like Mangal to reach and serve others in remote villages.