Lay Leader Training

Churches in remote areas of Nepal are growing and are in need of more trained leaders. Often the pastors in these churches feel lonely in their leadership roles and are responsible for all of the ministries in the church. The one-month lay leader training helps pastors and other leaders to be equipped to lead a church, including different ministries within a church, and share the gospel so churches can continue to grow. Director Bekharaj shared, “In this training, we had speakers from different Bible colleges. They came to our training center and spoke from the Bible. They spoke on different topics. We also had pastors from different churches. They came to teach on their experience and about ministry.”

Pastors and leaders came from all over Nepal to attend the training center. Each week of training consisted of six days of classes where they would wake up each morning by 5:00 am to have their personal devotion time. Throughout the day they would have group devotions, meals together, and two different three-hour class sessions where they learned from staff and visiting teachers. In the evenings they would conclude with a time of fellowship, and take time to complete any assignments they were given that day. Every weekend they participated in local church services and were able to worship and serve together.

These leaders are from some of the most remote and poorest communities in Nepal, so when they are able to join together and learn together it is a unique and enriching experience for them. They have all returned to their villages and churches invigorated and excited to serve their communities. Bekharaj shared, “They are so blessed to learn from each other, learn from different teachers, pastors and work together, eat together. This is a great experience for the students… They enjoy very much [time] with each other; they enjoy [time] with the staff. So they are glad and blessed by what we provide for them.”

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