When he was young, Pradeep attended school with his six siblings. His parents worked hard to provide for their family, but as the years passed, sacrifices had to be made. Pradeep began learning how to repair motorbikes and would work odd jobs to help support his family.

Pastor Surendra came to their village and told him about the ServLife small business loans and their low interest rates. Pradeep was immediately interested in applying. He completed the application process and received the loan quickly. This loan provided a great deal of encouragement and margin for him to do this work as his vocation. He shared, “I’m so glad that I can do this work each day, and not have to wonder where I will find work. I also enjoy that this work helps people.”

Not only is Pradeep helping his community by doing this work, he has also helped drastically improve his family’s economic situation. “Now, I can help my brothers with their school fees, and we can generate money from this business.”

This loan has provided more than just buying power and opportunities with a small business, it has given Pradeep and his family hope for the future. He now knows the work he will do each day and can build something profitable. He shared, “If you work diligently at this business, it will grow and be successful.”

For $50 a month you can provide a loan to someone like Pradeep. This includes training in how to start a business and repay the loan.