ServLife Staff Respond to Destruction of Homes through Fires in South Africa’s Townships

Steven and Amy Nicholson are ServLife Staff in South Africa. They work in the region and are based in Cape Town, South Africa, where 1.5 million people live in townships throughout the city ravaged with poverty. Amy works with children in an after-school program that meets in Red Hill, where wild fires recently destroyed around 100 homes. The Nicholsons are on the front lines working with families that were devastated by the fires and assisting in the rebuilding efforts. For more information, View the Nicholson Blog.

Rebuilding in Red Hill has begun and here’s how you can get involved. Steven and Amy will be providing relief boxes (each box contains two pots, dishes and cups, and cooking utensils) to the affected families. Many of the families who have lost homes have been without these basic items since the fire.

For $50, you can purchase one of these relief boxes and directly help a family in Red Hill that was impacted by the fires. Purchase a Red Hill Relief Box NOW. (From the ServLife Donation page, select “Project Support” from the “Fund” menu, enter $50 in the “Donation Amount” box, and type “Red Hill Relief Box” in the comments section.)

For this relief project, 100% of funds donated will go directly to the victims of the fire. Thanks for sacrificing and continuing to pray for the people in Red Hill.

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