Meet Mukesh Gurung from Arunoday Children’s Home, India

Mukesh _Matthew_ GurungMukesh comes from a Hindu family, but now is being raised to know Christ. He comes from an extremely poor family of laborers that could not care for him. They learned of the Arunoday Children’s Home in India from a pastor near their home. Mukesh’s favorite subject is English, in which he is doing very well. That will prove to be a very useful class if he continues to pursue his interest in becoming a doctor. Making friends is what he likes most about the children’s home.

Prayer requests for Mukesh:

  • Pray for God’s blessing and provision in Mukesh’s desire to be a doctor
  • Pray that his family will be a blessing and an influence in their community
  • Pray for His continued protection for Mukesh’s health
  • Pray for his education and relationship with Christ
  • Pray that Mukesh’s friendship with other children will help them all grow to be emotionally healthy

These children that are cared for in the ServLife children’s home are supported through sponsors who pledge to give $30 per month. Please pray and consider sponsoring a child today. Sponsor Now

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