ServLife Responding in Zimbabwe Crisis


Zimbabwe has been in a political and economic crisis for many years now, Read More. Just this month in Zimbabwe,

  • International phone call prices jumped 1700% on Tuesday
  • Local phone call prices went up 600% yesterday
  • A bag of cement (newly available after months of non-existence on the local market) now costs Z$88,000,000 – up 1200%
  • A loaf of bread costs Z$3,700,000 – up from Z$1,500,000 a month ago
  • A single US Dollar now gets Z$7.5 million. It was Z$5.5 million last week. It was Z$3,000 last year.

Joel and Elise Vestal have returned from the region with Steven and Amy Nicholson. In the midst of this situation, ServLife has been laying the foundation and building relationships with grass roots pastors for two years. John and Orpah Chinyowa pastor and live in Marondera, about one hour from the capital of Harare. John’s big smile is always on his face and he has a laugh that can be heard down the street. John’s church, Family Praise Fellowship, was given an orphanage of 66 children who have been orphaned from poverty and HIV/AIDS in the nation. With their limited resources, they have care for the children but lack full support.

In 2008, ServLife will begin making these children available for sponsorship through our sponsorship program. Please pray for the nation of Zimbabwe and the body of Christ. Despite the problems, God’s people are shining a bright light and desiring to see justice come to their land.

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