Visit the ServLife Store Online, Over 45 New Products Added

The ServLife Store has been updated with over 45 new products, from necklaces and bags from Nepal, jewelry from Thailand, and more.. Visit the ServLife Store and be sure to check out the items in the “New Products” category.

One of our featured products are table runners handmade by women who are HIV+ and living in the Kware slum in Kenya. The women do everything from making the yarn, weaving it, and dying it. Through buying one of these table runners you will help provide financial stability for the families infected and affected by HIV/AIDS so that they and their children can overcome the extreme difficulties of poverty and have hope for the future. Go the the ServLife Store (In the “Table Linens” Category) to purchase one of these table runners today.

Read stories about how the ServLife Store is helping empower Nepali artisans, Gita and Kumari, to escape extreme poverty and trafficking in Nepal.

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