ServLife Mission Worker, Sonam, Bringing the Gospel to the Sherpa Tribe in Nepal

Sonam is from the Sherpa tribe in Nepal, which are a mountain-dwelling people of the Himalayas. He lived in the Helembu, Sindhupalchok District where his parents were devoted Buddhist monks. The Gospel was shared with Sonam by a local ServLife mission worker, and he was touched by the message of God’s love. He decided to follow Christ and was baptized in 2003. He believes that God has called him to save the lives of his own people in the Sherpa tribe. Sonam was teaching in a government school, but resigned from there so he could attend the ServLife Leadership Institute. He graduated from the Institute in November of 2007 and followed his calling to start a church in his village.

All of the mission workers that are trained through the ServLife Leadership Institute in Nepal are supported through our sponsorship program once they graduate. Sonam is still in need of sponsorship and for $25/month, you can help empower Sonam to share the Gospel with the Sherpa tribe in Nepal. Read more about sponsoring an indigenous worker.

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