Caring For and Rescuing Children at Risk in Zimbabwe: Sponsorships Available!

In Zimbabwe, where millions are hungry and suffering from the country’s current political crisis and economic collapse, ServLife is intervening to help care for and bring hope to 64+ orphaned and abandoned children through aid to the Musha Wevana Children’s Home. Over the past two years, ServLife has been building a relationship with a church in the Marondera area as they care for these children. Up until this point, they have been caring for the children almost single-handedly despite a devastating lack of resources and failed economy.

There are now sponsorship opportunities available to support these children in the Musha Wevana children’s home. For $30/month, your sponsorship will help supply food, clothes, schooling, and ensure that they are well cared for in a loving environment. This is a direct way you can get involved in bringing hope and empowering a new generation in Zimbabwe.


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Read a glimpse of the stories of Luke and Molline, two of these children who have been rescued and are now being cared for in Musha Wevana children’s home in Zimbabwe:

Luke’s mother died when he was 6 months old. Some relatives took him in, but they were abusive and neglectful towards him, so he was brought to live at Musha Wevana. He enjoys going to school. His favorite subject is English. He loves sports, especially soccer and he enjoys learning about traditional Shona customs.
Molline has had a difficult life and is thankful to be living at Musha Wevana. Her father died and her new stepfather did not want her, so Molline’s mother tried to drown her. Out of guilt, her mother committed suicide, and Molline was brought to the safety of the home.