ServLife Worker in Nepal Reaches 100 Children through Starting the Kamaiya School


Field Report from West Nepal
Mark Storm, ServLife Staff in Asia

This past week, ServLife staff members in Kathmandu traveled to West Nepal, to a village near Tikapur in the Kailali district. They went to visit and encourage a ServLife local mission worker, Dayaram Chudhari, and see the school he started in a local Kamaiya community. Dayaram graduated from ServLife’s Training Institute in Kathmandu in May of 2007.

The Kamaiyas are people who were once bonded slaves, but have since been freed by the Nepali government several years ago. When they were freed, they had nothing, so the government provided them with a small patch of jungle to call home; a place to build their village. Their village had been there for three years, and this village is not unique. There are several other places in Nepal where the landless have been given some portion to live and grow their food on and have a hard time to survive and educate their children.

Right now, the school is a two room building built of mud bricks and a grass roof. It was constructed by the local community. 100 children have been impacted by this school. There is no water supply or toilet for the school or blackboards, books or desks. The teachers volunteer their time, and this school is the only educational opportunity for the children of 500 families that live in this Kamaiya village. The population of this village would be from 2,500 – 3,000 people.

Click here if you would like to support ServLife’s work at the Kamaiya School or help us equip this school with the furniture and supplies they need.

(From the “Fund” drop-down box, select “Project Support”, then enter the dollar amount and select “Care and Rescue of Children” for the project to give to, and enter “Kamaiya School” in the Comments text box.)

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