Get Kids Educated and Aware about At-Risk Children through Free Coloring and Activity Packets


These three packets have a variety of coloring and activity pages that are filled with facts and information that highlight some of the regions around the world where ServLife works. It is designed for children from ages 2-10. The packets will provide a great context and launching place for conversation with children in your home, at your church, or small group. There are currently coloring and activity packets that highlight Thailand, Nepal, and India.

Part of the mission of ServLife is to rescue and care for children at risk and one way you can help your children get involved, engage, and learn about the work of ServLife is through using ServLife’s children coloring and activity packets.

Download and begin using them today!

(If you download these activities, please let us know and share stories on how God uses these in the lives of the children you share them with.)

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