“I’ve seen a great change in my child. Now he can read and write.” As a farmer in a small village in India, Sikendar and his wife Sunita are working their hardest to provide for their family. Sometimes working 2 jobs to make a mere 300 Rupees a day (approximately $4.00). With three children, they’ve had to search for the right environment for their children to succeed.

Sikendar went to the church in Katihar to seek help in finding a school for his child. He found out that there was a new school in Marocha which is close to their village. “I was encouraged to put our child into the new school.”

Since attending the school in Marocha, Sandeep is now reading the Bible, able to write his own name and his parent’s names. His parents share, “We see him constantly improving in the area of education.” His education has created a determination in him to succeed. Instead of constantly roaming around the village and playing with other children, his understanding of the importance of his schooling has changed. “Every morning he goes to school and comes back home, and even in the evening he sits with his books and studies.”

Not only have his parents seen great improvements in him, but they want to see him continue to grow in his love for God. When Sikendar and Sunita married, Sunita was the only Christian. Sikendar attended church with her, “I found an amazing peace. I enjoyed the fellowship with other Christians and decided to follow Christ.” Now with this new understanding and faith Sikendar is modeling for Sandeep how to be a servant of God. He wants to see his children grow in love for God and find the same peace he’s found.

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