Educating Children

When people become parents, their entire world changes. Their heart expands and they want to do everything in their power to provide for their children. They want their child to have access to quality education and have all their basic needs met. In India and Nepal, this desire is competing with a constant struggle for survival. A majority of families survive on less than $2.00 per day and are mostly if not completely uneducated.

Without a formal education or the ability to pay for school, many parents are excited to partner with ServLife and have an opportunity for their children to attend school. 


Our goal is to not just provide the kids with an education but to equip them for whatever their future may hold. In many situations, the children who are going to school today are the first in their family to receive an education. For this reason, we work to partner with principals in villages to help identify children who would benefit from our child sponsorship program.

This creates the opportunity to find a sponsor for that child. This sponsorship not only provides financial support and education but also allows that child to build a relationship with their sponsor and feel the hand of God from across the world.

These sponsorships transform the lives of children and in turn, raise up the community. Raising up entire groups can have a larger impact that will influence the next generations for good. Click here to sponsor a child and here to make a gift FOR THE CHILDREN today.