A Great Opportunity

The average income in villages in Nepal is less than $2 per day and even less for women. Unfortunately, many men don’t spend the bulk of their income on their families but instead drink away their finances. This creates a significant challenge for women raising children and caring for their families, so ServLife created a sewing training program to create opportunities for these women.

The annual one-month sewing training is normally held February through March for 15 women at our training center in Kathmandu. Due to COVID-19, fewer people are traveling this year, so we had two regional trainings. One training was in Dhangadhi in the far west jungles of Nepal, and one in Bara in south-central Nepal. Holding a regional training decreased the cost which increased the number of women trained to 31.

The women have diverse backgrounds as some are widows with no income, some are mothers needing additional income, and some are pastors’ wives. The training includes daily bible study and worship time, exposing some women to the hope of the Gospel for the first time.

Graduate Salina

Upon graduation, each woman was gifted the very sewing machine they had been training on, so they can immediately launch their tailor business. Sewing training graduate Salina shares, “we were given a great opportunity and we are very thankful.”