“When I was a child and became an orphan, I did not know that there was a God who was the provider and sustainer of our lives. When I came here and had loving care, I came to know Jesus.”

Bhadra is originally from the furthest state of Nepal, she then moved to the ServLife Children’s Home in Kathmandu where she now resides. At 16, Bhadra has faced many challenges, but since being in the children’s home she has been able to thrive spiritually, personally, and academically.

The children’s home routines are the building blocks for success and for Bhadra that means her day starts early, at 6 o’clock. She wakes, readies herself for the day, and then spends 2 hours studying, doing homework, and preparing for her school day. At 9 am the children eat breakfast and then clean up before they make the 45-minute walk to school.

While at school she studies a variety of subjects from Nepali and English to Science and Accounting. 

Bhadra enjoys learning new things and researching the subjects that she is studying in school. She has also built strong relationships with her teachers and other children in the home. She says, “I have my best friends in the children’s home and we have inside jokes, we hang out together and we help each other in our studies.”

When she arrives back home after school, she cleans up and then prepares for dinner with her home family. They eat together and then have free time in the evening. Bhadra likes to use this time to knit, “My auntie (house mother) taught me how to knit socks and now I like to knit other things too!”

After their free time, they have evening devotions together. Bhadra shares, “I don’t know why God brought me to the children’s home and what his objective is, but I know he has a plan for my life. I have my parents and they are providing for my needs (food and studies) and because of that I believe God is doing some kind of good in my life and I believe in God and I love Jesus Christ.”

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