Prem Sarki

Prem has always been devoted to doing whatever he can to support his family. He recalls, “Before I received a microfinance loan from ServLife, I would travel far from my village in Nepal to India. I’d be gone for over 6 months at a time trying to find work.” Sometimes, he would find part-time work as a cook, but those jobs didn’t last for long. He missed his family at home and kept having to find new ways to make a living to provide for his family.

While visiting home, he heard about the microfinance program and got connected to ServLife’s Microfinance Coordinator. Prem got a small business loan and was able to use the skills he learned in India to open a food cart where he controls his schedule. On average he works 20 days a month and is able to make 5 times what he could working in India.

Now, Prem is able to go home at the end of each day and spend more time with his family. He shares, “When I was working in India, not only was I scraping by financially but also at times I didn’t have a good relationship with my family because I only visited home once or twice a year. But since I started this work, I can stay with my family, I can help them with the finances and our relationship is much better now.”

On the days he is not working, Prem goes out and evangelizes and disciples those who have come to his food cart. Prem wants his life and work to be a testimony. “I share about my faith while I work. So when people come to me and I can tell they are sad and discouraged, I spend more time talking with them and listening to their problems. And whenever I get the chance, I share about Jesus with them.”

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