A Dream Becoming Reality

For two decades, Udaya and Bhakti have taken orphaned children into their home and have raised them as their own. Now parenting thirty children, it’s time to stop renting and provide a permanent home for the children. Udaya sums it up, “We want to give the children a forever home.”

Land for the home has been purchased and cleared of excess brush and trees. Udaya oversaw the digging of a new well and has met with local engineers and general contractors.

Due to COVID, we are still waiting for a government official to come out and do the land survey. We are hoping to break ground by the end of the year but that will depend on the results of the land survey. Depending on the land survey we might need to make adjustments to the blueprints that were put together for the home.

In the first year of fundraising for the home, we have been able to raise $190,000! We expect the final estimates to be $500,000-$600,000. Click here to give your most generous donation and help us build the Forever Home and provide a permanent home for over 30 children.