Growing Believers

When Bhim first heard about the pastor training that ServLife offered, he wasn’t sure that more training would be helpful for him. But while attending the training, his eyes were open to more facets of ministry, “I realized that this training would teach me many things and provide different tools to start churches, share the gospel, and do ministry well.”

Since graduating from the training school in 2008, Pastor Bhim has continued to pursue leadership roles in his church and community. He has looked for unique ways to share his faith with his community. From serving as a government representative for his village where he would speak in front of hundreds of people and be able to claim his faith, to orchestrating informal education classes for the illiterate all while developing relationships with those in his village and discipling them.

When Bhim first finished his training, he was attending a church farther from his home village. He shares, “I was given more responsibilities in the church. There were 5 or 6 of us that would travel to another fellowship away from our village, but then the elders at my church continued to give me more responsibility, and then sent me to begin a new church fellowship closer to my home.”

Bhim endeavors to live his life as a testimony to those around him. And through teaching, sharing the gospel, and humanitarian work, he has been able to see his church grow to over 50 members. He is passionate about growing believers in their spiritual walk, so he has focused on good, solid Bible teaching. “We have 4 or 5 strong leaders in our church, and we are continuously learning and going to seminars and short trainings to grow in our leadership and preaching. We are bringing these teachings to the believers in our church to strengthen them, so that they can be strong in the Lord and be a good witness to everyone.”

Your donation of $200/month equips another pastor like Bhim to receive training and share the gospel with his community.