Sanbi and Riya

Ever since Sanbi and Riya were born, their parents have wanted them to receive a quality education and bring honor to their family, but their village in rural India does not have any schools and most people work for and survive on less than $2 per day. Both Rakesh and Guria have to work as day laborers to provide for Sanbi and Riya and their other 2 children.

With no government-funded education available in their village, they were at a loss as to how their children would receive the education they so longed for them to have. Rakesh shared, “I’ve always desired to send my children to a mission school. When I heard there was a new school that had started in the next village over, I went that day to talk to the teachers to ask if I could enroll my children.”

This school, in Marocha, near their village, is a mission school where children are not only taught a formal education but are also given character education. “Before, my children were shy and would run away when they met new people. Now, they greet others with a handshake and say hello.” They have improved in their behavior and their posture, and their parents are proud.

“When my children return home from school I see them working on what they have learned that day and they want to succeed. This encourages me greatly. I want to see my children highly educated and to stand on their own feet and bring honor to our family.”

Your donation is matched through the end of October and can help a child like Sanbi or Riya receive a quality education and change the trajectory of their future.