Pastor Bijendra

“We started a church in our village, and since then it has grown to many members. And some have stepped into leadership roles.”

For the last 8 years since Bijendra graduated from the ServLife pastor training school, he and his wife have devoted themselves to establishing a church in their village. After many sacrifices, prayers, and hardships, Bijendra and his wife were successful and opened their church. The church has grown, a new pastor has been trained, and a wise group of leaders is in place. With this growth and seeing how it prospered, the leadership had a vision to plant a church in a village about 50 miles from Bijendra’s home.

This small village holds a special place in Bijendra’s heart. In the past, he and his wife often made the 2.5-hour drive through treacherous mountain roads to evangelize for the weekend and would then return home. The last 8 years have brought growth in many areas of Bijendra’s life, not just his church. Bijendra and his wife now have 3 children and are not able to pick up and go quite as easily as before. Now, these trips place an enormous burden on his family because his wife must be a solo parent for the time he is gone.

He shares, “The biggest challenge I’m facing in ministry is family. My son is small and the children are growing and their school is in Bhaktapur and they cannot come with me. My wife has to take care of the children so we are not able to give all of our time as before. I want to work together with my family but because the children are in school we’re unable to work and travel together.”

This new village has a diverse population that represents many different people groups in Nepal. They’re very welcoming to Bijendra and the church is slowly growing. Each week there are 15-17 believers who attend weekend services and are committed to the church. This motivates Bijendra and gives him encouragement to keep going.

He shares, “People here are very positive about the Christian faith; believers will give land freely for the church, and they are eager for a place to meet together and worship.”