Uncle Kyle

“ServLife is super important to me. I believe in the mission of training pastors, of taking care of kids, of helping to alleviate poverty in some of the poorest areas of this entire world,” Board Member Kyle Pierce shares before his 6th trip to India and Nepal with ServLife International in March. “I’m excited to see what God is doing and to join in the work He is already doing there.”

Kyle gave the opening talk at the annual Pastors’ Conference, with over 100 pastors in attendance. He shares, “The pastors’ conference is always such a great experience. Seeing brothers and sisters be encouraged in their ministries and watching them build each other up is inspiring.” The theme from Philippians 4 was the Peace of God, and Director Bekharaj said, “All the messages really encourage and refresh all the pastors.”

A gifted photographer and videographer, Kyle took photos of all the children in Nepal, and filmed interviews with the staff in India and Nepal. He also brought child sponsor letter packets from the USA and returned home with letters from the children. 

While it was Kyle’s 6th trip, it was the first time he was able to travel to far west Nepal to visit the Daya Girls Home and about 200 children in the education sponsorship program there. Upon returning home, Kyle reported back to the ServLife Board, and he was encouraged by what he saw and experienced.  “The girls at the Daya Children’s Home welcomed me in a way I’ll never forget. They called me ‘Uncle,’ and we had a blast singing and dancing and playing games. It’s clear to see they are well taken care of, and truly loved by their house parents.”