Nirula’s Education

“Nirula says over and over again, ‘I need to go to school, I don’t want to be late, my friends are already on the way.’ I can see the excitement in my child about this school and her education.”

Nirula is one of three children in her family. They live in a small village in India where educational opportunities are limited. Nirula’s father is a police officer and her mother is a teacher in her village, between their incomes they only make a meager amount. They live on a small plot of government land but do not own the land or the small home they live in. Nirula’s mother Shalome shared “Right now we are praying, we are earning, and hoping that somehow we can buy a small piece of land to have our own home and land in the days to come.”

An evangelist visited them and shared about a new mission school near their village. As believers in Jesus, they knew right away they wanted to send their children there, “We believe in Jesus Christ and what he has done for us and we regularly attend church and we praise God for all that he has done in our life.” This school is just one more blessing in their lives.

Nirula is the first of her siblings to attend the school and has benefited greatly from the hardworking staff. Her mother, Shalome shares, “I can see the determination of the staff in how well my daughter is doing in her school and in other areas.” Shalome has observed many positive qualities that have developed in her daughter since attending the mission school. “She gets up early, takes her bath, and dresses herself without being asked. She then begs to leave for school so she’s not late.” As an educator herself, Nirula’s mom understands the hard work that it takes to do that work.

When asked about what she hopes for Nirula’s future she said, “We haven’t thought very seriously about what she will be in the future, but my heart is always that I want to see my children highly qualified and educated. And if she wishes, then she could be a teacher and give education to others.”

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