Long Term Hope

“We are thankful for the loan, and all the opportunities it has provided.”

Sita, her husband, and their two sons live in a small village in east Nepal. Despite working hard in their past jobs, they have not been able to make enough to provide for their family. Fortunately, Pastor Samuel came to their village and told them about a loan program. Sita shares, “Before receiving a small business loan from ServLife International, each person in my family only had one set of clothing, and we couldn’t afford a place to live. My husband and I were working day and night to build a church in our village, and my husband also worked for an orphanage as a security guard.” Her husband lost his job and became a full-time volunteer at the church where they also live. They have both worked to help the church grow.

They applied for their loan and with it received valuable training on how to use and repay the loan wisely. She shared, “The training was nice, from it, we came to know we have to do work and unless we do, we can’t earn something. It was helpful to learn how to return loans and so many other things.”

Once they received the loan from ServLife, they purchased 70 chickens that they will raise and sell for double what they paid for them every month or so. They’re hoping to save up and eventually buy and farm pigs as well. “We didn’t have a business before and we are so grateful for the loan. Now we can start to earn some money and this is a really great thing for us. From this business, we hope to provide a good education for our children.”

With this business, they are securing long-term hope and provisions for their family. Pig farming is a business that will endure and can sustain them. As Sita and her family embark on this journey she asks for prayer. She said, “Pray for the business that God may grant wisdom, that we may grow our business and earn money to use for our family.”

For $50 a month you can provide a loan to someone like Sita. This includes training in how to start a business and repay the loan.