One-Day Seminars

When a pastor completes the ServLife pastor training program, they receive teaching in evangelism, preaching, discipleship, theology, and a survey of both the Old and New Testament. After this training, many pastors see the need to grow their Biblical knowledge even further and provide opportunities for their congregations to deepen their faith. Our pastor training team will frequently travel to remote villages in west Nepal to provide teaching to these congregations and pastors.

This fall, our pastor training team traveled to 3 locations in west Nepal in order to provide one-day seminars. A local pastor and church hosted each event, and more than 60 people came from nearby villages to attend. They were taught about their “Identity in Christ,” “Godly Family,” and “Biblical Finance.”

These seminars were well attended and even though it was over 100 degrees out, attendees stayed for over 5 hours learning. One of the trainers shared, “It was hot weather on the day and it felt hotter while sitting and preaching under a tin roof, but we provided 5 hours of programming there.” Once they completed the program, they traveled by taxi through rough terrain for multiple hours to reach their next destination.

The following day, they taught a group of nearly 150 believers. Sharing on the same subjects, providing inspiration for the pastors, and faith-building teaching and fellowship for the parishioners.

“Overall it was a great time there and people were blessed with the word of God. And we believe that our teaching has really impacted their lives.”

Your sponsorship donation of $200/month can help a pastor receive training and start a new church in their village.