Meet Som Bahadur Ale

Som AleName:  Som  Bahadur Ale

Birthdate:  July 19, 2006


Som belongs to poor Hindu family.  His father died when he was young.  He has one brother and one sister, both older than Som.  As Som’s family was poor and both of parents illiterate, it was very difficult for Som’s mother to feed and provide for other essential needs after the death of his father.   They were desperately searching for help.  One of their neighbors is a Christian. Though he himself is blind he wanted to help Som’s family by searching for a refuge for at least one child. He came to know of ServLife’s children’s ministry and brought Som to us.  Som is now the latest member of our home here in Kathmandu.

Som is an enthusiastic and happy child. He shows great interest in learning. He is also quiet and well disciplined.  He loves to take part in sports and shows good sportsmanship.  After arriving here his health has improved a lot.  He has learned rhymes and songs quiet fast.  He eagerly listens to bible stories at the time of devotion.

Som is studying in Lower Kindergarten.  He is too young to know what he wants to do in the future but he has already shown  promise of good things ahead.

For just $30 a month you could sponsor Som. It doesn’t take much to change the life of a child, even one you have never meet. ServLife currently has about 300 children sponsored. Help us reach our goal of sponsoring 1000 children by 2013 through the ServLife 1000 project. Contact us if you are interested in helping us make a difference in a child’s life.

Sponsorship is more than just a monetary donation every month. We encourage our sponsors to write to their children twice a year. This is a great way to get the whole family involved with changing a life. The children love to get letters from their sponsors and kids love to hear about other children around the world. So let your children each write their own letters too! You can request to sponsor a child that is around your own children’s age. This way as your own child grows up they can learn about and write to a child that is their own age. Contact us today to get things started. We look forward to hearing from you!


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