Child Sponsorship

Live the gospel . . .

“When we were on the outside without hope and home, Jesus brought us into his family.”(Eph. 2:12-13, 19)

What Jesus did for us is the Gospel.

Today there are millions of orphans in the world without hope and home. When we give orphans hope, when we bring orphans into our families, we reenact the Gospel . . .

“Orphan care is Gospel reenactment.” (Dan Cruver; Together for Adoption, 10/23/09)

Play your part . . .

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Love mercy, do justice. . .

Sponsoring an orphaned child or a child-at-risk through ServLife is a powerful and effective step ahead in doing justice now. Your sponsorship will ensure that children in the some of the most difficult circumstances will get an education, a home, healthy food and clothing, and opportunity to experience the love of Christ. With over 210 children now being served, we continue to extend the borders of our care for at-risk children but we need your help. Play your part!

Sponsor a child . . .

Will you take action now and sponsor a child? We currently have sixty (60) children in Nepal and India needing your help. For $35/month you can sponsor one child and directly empower a new generation for God’s purposes. Put your compassion into action.

Love mercy. Live the gospel!

Read the Child Sponsorship Program FAQ pages.

Contact us for more information on sponsorship or to begin sponsoring a child today!

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