AS Nepal Prayer Guide





July 01 Friday : Thank to God for all the happenings of the month of June. Prayer for safety of this month July and Lords blessings upon our family.

July 02 Saturday: Thanks and praises to God that Salome passed her exams with good percentage. Today she will be appearing her entrance in ST.XAVIER and ST.MARY’S. Pray that she gets a good school for further education.

July 03 Sun: Tapendra Kunwar is getting scholarship from Servlife for studies but recently has broken his hand while working in field. Prayer is needed for his recovery

July 04 Mon: Jhuma chaudhary is a child who is being sponsored by SERVLIFE. Both her parents are blind and she is not so well with her health. Pray that God will enlighten her life.

July 05 Tue: Our prayer is a must for Shibu Chaudhary who recently lost his father and his mother is having hard time with Labor work that she is doing to lean her family. Pray for Shibu, his family’s situation and his studies.

July 06 Wed: Our helping girl Rekha has been working and has been helpful as well as has turned into a Christian. Pray for her faith and her family who can’t feed themselves and for all such families here in Nepal.

July 07 Thu: Bal Bdr Barabijay is awfully sick and has been taken to India for treatment that may last long. He needs our prayer to get well soon. He also is one of the children getting support from SERVLIFE.

July 08 Fri: Prayer is a must for children of DAYA girls home for their health and improvement in studies. Also pray for Paul and his wife Sonam who are serving in between these children.

July 09 Sat: Praise God that our children have been getting well and doing well in their studies. Prayers are required for them to get better grades in this coming 1st term exam.

July 10 Sat: There are many people who have been praying for our family and ServLife. Pray for all those who are and have been praying for us for God to be with them and their work.

July 11 Sun: Pray for Ekta church that we have been attending and Udaya Bhatta has been serving as a Pastor. Pray for the believers of this church and needs of this church. Pray that God will guide this church.

July 12 Mon: : Praise the Lord that Church and believers here in Nepal are increasing. Pray that they develop in faith as we can make a great difference here in Nepal.

July 13 Tue: Pray for Jeff Romack and Other beloved staff of ServLife International Their  family and also their responsibilities in Servlife International.

July 14 Wed: We have praying since a long time for a land and building for ServLife children Home Kathmandu so that we can stay freely and enjoy a society without being treated with rude attitude.

July 15 Thu: Thanks to God and praise him that we are nearly getting completed in our Renew process. There might be some difficult task left so we need your prayers for that. Pray to God to help in this task and to speak to the Lawyer to carry our work smoothly and without hesitating.

Jul 16 Fri: Thank God for giving us our needs and providing our children with a home to live. There are families we and the Children have left behind. Pray for those Families for god to take care about them.

July 17 Sat: Our children are being taught by teachers at school and at church. Pray for the Teachers so that they will be able to give good impression and ask the Children to track the good way of this world.

Jun 18 Sun: Children that are being sponsored such as Ramesh Daguara, Rueel Chaudhary, Santosh Sapkota and Simon Dagaura are suffering from different kind of illness for a long time. We have to pray for them so that they gain strength and good health.

July 19 Mon: There are many kids here in Nepal who are orphaned, malnourished, homeless, starving and treated badly. Prayer for them is a very need so that everyone comes under care.

July 20 Tue: Pray for Bhakti and Udaya as they continue in doing this work as well as for their spiritual growth. Remember all the children who are getting support from ASNepal. Pray for their studies and families.

Jun 21 Wed: Pray for the scholar shipped children of far west Nepal so that they can enjoy good study environment as well as good health by coming over all the sickness.

July 22 Thu: : Remember all those who are supporting us and praying for us and spiritual growth of Ekta Church.

July 23 Fri: Pray for Paul and Sonam  as they look after Daya Girls Home. Pray about all the orphan Girls and their studies and work and thanks for the encouraging prayers they have been doing for us.

July 24 Sat: God has been with our family through all the hard and good times and we thank God for that. Please pray that God continuous his blessings and supports for each and everyone.

July 25 Sun: Pray for Joel Vestal and his family as well as thank God for having him with us for 7 years and now his work in America. Lastly, to all those who have been friendly to ASNepal.

July 26 Mon: Pray for good health of our children and pray for the children who are being provided with scholarship from ServLife & for their health and studies.

July 27 Tue: Praise the lord for he has been providing us with all the necessities and requirements. Pray that he continues to be with us and guide us in his path.

July 28 thu: Especially Pray for Mat and Brooke  who are always supporting Ekta Church Ministry to grow, now pray them wherever they are and Gods guidance in their lives and work.

July 29 Fri: Praise the lord for the ministry of ServLife and his hand in this work. Pray to Lord that he blesses this organization.

July 30 Sat: Thanks to God for a more month that he has provided us. Pray that God will be with us all the days of the coming month August.

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