June 2011 Newsletter

As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.”
-Proverbs 25:25

536Everlasting Service (Kathmandu) – In the nation of Nepal ServLife has given birth to two organizations through which we now primarily work.The first is Ananta Sewa Nepal or, as we call it, AS Nepal. Ananta sewa is a Nepali term meaning, literally, “everlasting service. What an appropriate name for those who aspire to love and save orphaned children and the children of the extremely poor who would otherwise be without opportunity for education.

This month at the ServLife Children’s Home in Kathmandu we welcomed Som Bahadur Ale to our growing family. What a joy he has been. Som, who will turn 5 years old next month, comes from a very poor family in western Nepal. Som’s father died some time ago.His mother, who is unable to read and write, was left to raise and provide for three children on her own.A Christian neighbor saw this Hindu family was struggling.Although the neighbor is himself blind, he took action to guide Som to our children’s home in Kathmandu. Som is now in lower kindergarten, making new friends and finding his place in the family.

537Graduation Day X2 (Raxaul) – Albert Das, founder and director of ServLIfe Empowering Society in India presided over the June 29 graduation ceremony of eleven young men who have completed their training at the Servlife Leadership Training Institute in Raxaul. The training institute is preparing young people for service in north India and southern Nepal as servants of
the gospel and church planters. This new group will join 73 previous graduates now at work in the harvest field.

Albert has also reported some much more difficult news. Church planter and pastor, Philip Mirgan, was promoted to glory on May 25, 2011.Philip was pastoring our church in Malkangiri in Orissa state.  He was also a graduate of our training center in the 2005-06 batch.  Philip leaves his church and family; a wife and three children.  Please pray for them and for the new leadership in Malkangiri.

538Beautiful Feet (Kathmandu) – Lazarus Thulung is the director of ServLife Himalayan Development. Himalayan Development is the second of our two organizations working in Nepal. Its mission is to train and send disciples into the remote villages of Nepal to share the good news that God has taken action in and through Jesus Christ to reconcile all things to himself and to form communities of those who choose to follow Jesus.What a joy it is to see people as they begin to understand what God has done and is now doing to make the world right including them! What joy to report that seven new believers were recently baptized in Thingan village.

One of those, Mr. Ranjit Ghale, was a former antagonist of the church in that village; however, both he and his family have turned to Christ and the change has been remarkable.This former opponent of the gospel has now become one of the leading advocates of the gospel among his own people.

We are also happy to report that Lazarus has been chosen to serve on the executive committee of the Himalayan Global Summit 2011, which is this year’s gathering of a movement of Himalayan Christians devoted to mobilizing their own people for mission wherever they are found in the world. How lovely on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news … to the Himalayan peoples! (Isaiah 52:7)

541Closer to Home (Acworth, GA) – Join us in welcoming home from Nepal Mark and Jenn Storm and their two children, Solomon and Sophia. The Storm family completed a fruitful season of service with ServLife that stretches back to 2006 and included assignments in both Thailand and Nepal. The Storms were the key leaders in our being able to get the Hope Fund off and running in Nepal. What can’t be over-looked was the great encouragement they brought to their Nepali brothers and sisters. They are already being missed. Thanks to all of you who have been of special support to the Storms and their mission with ServLife. May they find great joy and satisfaction as they move ahead in this next phase of their calling.

540Closer Still (Indianapolis, IN) – Rachel McKnight who serves as ServLife’s sponsorship coordinator and doubles as an assistant to our executive director has announced her engagement to Jeremy Moss.Rachel and Jeremy are planning for a November wedding. Congratulations to Rachel and Jeremy!

Our first print newsletter of 2011 will soon be in the mail to you.  There you’ll find much more good news of what is happening in the world through ServLife together with you!




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