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IMG_5485Your contributions are making a significant difference in Nepal. Having just returned from there I know firsthand the value of the relief efforts you’re supporting through ServLife. So, I want to let you know how deeply appreciated you are by our partners in Nepal and the team here at ServLife International.

The devastation I saw on my brief visit is absolutely heartbreaking. Many times my hosts would point to a pile of rubble and tell me how many people died there. The recovery from this tragedy will take a very long time. But the recovery is well underway and your generosity is playing a key role for our children and church planters.

Pastor Kamal serves as a church planter in a remote village southeast of Kathmandu, which was entirely destroyed by the earthquake. He shared with us about his community’s predicament and his hopes as ServLife begins to build temporary housing for all 44 families in the village, 24 of whom are believers:

Earthquakes damaged our whole village. The entire village relocated to a new place. Even our Church was completely destroyed. No one could bring anything from home. We all lost our animals, foods, dishes and documents under the rubble of our houses. IMG_5440Government told us not to go to our village due to the huge rock falling from the mountain. All 44 families are now living together. Our village is very far from civilization. But the Lord has been gracious to us to meet our need: food, water and shelters even if it is temporary. We are very glad to know that ServLife is going to provide the shelter for our entire village.

This is just the beginning of a very long road to recovery. You have been faithful in sharing God’s resources for this effort and I want to let you know your gift is being used effectively for the sake of many. Thank you for your help. Please continue lifting up the people of Nepal in prayer during their long journey of recovery.

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  1. It’s sad to realize how quickly tragedies like the Nepal earthquake hit for a news cycle or two – and are then forgotten by the public. ServLife should be commended for not forgetting but helping in the recovery.

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