Pastor Gyan

View More: Gyan is a great example of the zeal and ambition exemplified by ServLife church planters. Gyan graduated from ServLife’s pastor training school in Kathmandu in 2011. He has since planted 5 churches in 4 years across 4 districts of Nepal. He also serves as a pastor at 5 more churches, traveling between all 10 every week to teach and encourage his flock of over 1,000 believers. Sometimes he walks miles to reach a church in the morning, only to repeat the feat to arrive at another church that night. Once there he will minister to the people, care for the sick, pray over the afflicted, and share the gospel with the community. This is no small task, especially since Gyan must still work a second job, farming a piece of land, in order to provide a livelihood for his family. He hopes that soon his congregations will be able to support his work as pastor, but despite the hard work Gyan is perpetually upbeat.

Through his ministry, Gyan has seen miraculous healings and changes of heart, not the least of which came in the form of a local political leader. Members of the Maoist political party are usually against Christian influence in Nepal, and can cause problems for local pastors if they are under their jurisdiction. The chairman of Gyan’s village council was a Maoist, however Gyan met him with love View More: kindness and eventually won the man over for Christ. God is opening the hearts and minds of the people Gyan meets and it is having an incredible impact.

Pastors like Gyan are the reason that the hope of the Gospel is reaching the darkest places of oppression and despair in Nepal. Remote villages that have never heard the Gospel are experiencing miracles of healing in body and soul.

You make these miracles possible through your support of pastors like Gyan. Thank you.

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