Faithful Resolve

Adam_HS_largeIn Romans 8:6 Paul writes, “Focus the mind on the flesh, and you’ll die; but focus it on the spirit, and you’ll have life, and peace.” I don’t know about you, but that is so hard for me. I am easily distracted by the physical world and can miss the transcendent realities of the spiritual realm. I’ve been reading the story of Joseph near the end of Genesis, and have been struck by his endurance. His resolve was rooted in spiritual realities while his physical condition plummeted and ascended. This resolve and faithfulness ended up blessing not just Joseph but those around him both near and far.

In India and Nepal there are physical challenges and victories for sure. A church building is destroyed in an earthquake. The pastor of the same church helps provide temporary housing for all 44 families in his village. A child loses their parents. The child is rescued and brought into a new home and family. A mother of four loses her husband and his source of income. She is given a small loan for a sewing machine and is able to provide for her family. Despite the insecurities of the unpredictable physical world, Jesus still comes to the rescue. And He is using you and me and others to accomplish His work.

Thank you for your faithful resolve to support pastors, children and families in India and Nepal. God is using it to propel His hope, life and peace.

May we focus on the spirit and walk in step with the Holy Spirit. May God grant us abundant life and peace, and may we be a blessing of life and peace to others. Amen.

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