Joel Vestal Speaking at Engaging Culture Conference in Indianapolis: Nov 7-8

ServLife’s work in America is to help raise awareness and move people to action. One of the main ways this is done is through Joel Vestal’s busy travel and speaking schedule.

Joel Vestal will be speaking the Engaging Culture conference taking place in Indianapolis, Nov. 7-8. If you are in the area, all are welcome (geared for 20-30 somethings) register here. Watch their well done video below.

When: 8:00PM Friday, November 07
Where: Harrison Center for the Arts, Indianapolis Indiana
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

The two day conference is aimed at giving University students and 20 somethings a vision, attitude, and a plan for redefining culture for the glory of Christ. What makes Engaging Culture unique is that it goes beyond simply gathering information. The weekend will revolve around 3 deliberate grids that dive into the core of culture: art, inner city, and the market place. Each grid will have various subplots and a mixture of lecture, discussion, and hands-on development.

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