ServLife Staff Brings Food and Supplies to Musha Wevana Children’s Home in Zimbabwe


Steven and Amy Nicholson, ServLife staff in Cape Town, South Africa, recently returned from Marondera, Zimbabwe, where they delivered over $2000 in food and school supplies to the 64+ children living at Musha Wevana. Musha Wevana is a home for orphaned and abandoned children that is operated by a local church in impoverished Zimbabwe. The church, Family Praise Fellowship, counts only about 150 members, but is able to sustain the care and support of these orphans through their own sacrifice and the generous giving of ServLife supporters.

Pastor John Chinyowa reports, “ServLife has come to us at just the right time. With your friendship we are able to rescue these children who would otherwise be left to fend for themselves on the streets.”

As a part of ServLife’s child sponsorship program, the Nicholsons purchased rice, cooking oil, sugar, and other staple foods in South Africa along with thousands of exercise books used by the children for completing school assignments. None of these items are available locally in Zimbabwe at the present time, due to the near total collapse of the country’s economy and government.

Recent independent estimates have pegged Zimbabwe’s annual inflation rate at more than one billion percent, meaning that it takes one billion dollars today to purchase an item that cost just one dollar a year ago. Most store shelves remain empty, and Zimbabweans are now surviving on backyard gardens and a barter economy.

Despite these enormous challenges, the members of Family Praise Fellowship remain optimistic. This small church is planning to launch a new rural home for orphaned children as soon as possible and is in the midst of training dozens of new missionaries in an intensive year-long process.

“One day things will turn around in Zimbabwe, and when they do, we want to be ready to care for more children and to send missionaries around the country and around the world,” says Pastor Chinyowa.

You can be a part of what God is doing in Zimbabwe through ServLife and the local church by sponsoring one or more of the orphaned children living at Musha Wevana for just $30 per month.

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(Source: ServLife News)

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