God’s Plan

When Bhadra was 4 years old, she came to live at the children’s home in Nepal. Having lost both her biological parents she found it very difficult to speak to others and get close to the girls in the home, but slowly and gradually she began to feel at home. 

Bhadra shares, “Looking back, I believe it was God’s plan that I came to the home when I did. I was able to skip both grades 4 and 6 because I had worked so hard and was diligent in my studies.” This diligence has shown up in more areas than just her studies.

Director Udaya shares, “When she was growing up there she studied very hard. I appreciated her studies and she is very brilliant and sharp; she is also very responsible with any task that she is given… When I asked her what she wanted to study she said she wanted to study management for grade 11 and grade 12. The teachers reported that she is a very excellent student and doing well and is top of her class. The school is very intellectual and they said she does well in almost all of her marks.”

Not only has she been able to study business management in the last two years, but at the children’s home, Bhadra also learned how to cook, clean, and manage many responsibilities. She was also able to grow close to her brothers and sisters there and build relationships she will take into adulthood.

When Bhadra’s not studying, she enjoys playing games, singing, dancing, and reading books. When asked which genre was her favorite, she shared that she loves reading biographies.

In the not-too-distant future, Bhadra is hoping to attend college and study for her Bachelor of Business Administration. Currently, she is working by tutoring younger students at the children’s home and earning money for her studies and life outside the home.

Please pray for her health and studies, as she continues on in her education.

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