Pastor Neb

Pastor Neb lives in a small village in Nepal with his wife, two sons, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter. Three years ago he was able to attend the ServLife Pastor training school where he received both biblical education, and a passion for the ministry. Upon returning to his village, he had the vision to start a church there.

He and a small group of Christians began praying for the village and learned of some sick people here. One sister, Kiran, had been sick for eight years, and no hospital or doctor could help her. She wasn’t able to sleep and would walk around the village at night feeling sick and it caused her family enormous stress.

“All the villagers knew about her sickness, and they saw that when we prayed, she was healed. So that’s how they came to have great faith in the Lord,” Pastor Neb shares. After Kiran was healed, more sick people would come to the church to be healed, and the congregation grew. Now, after just three years they have thirty-five baptized members, with another fifteen or so who attend regularly.

Pastor Neb’s church currently meets in a small home but hopes to build a building soon. They’ve raised over three thousand dollars so far, and have used two thousand dollars to purchase land.

When they have a building, they will have room to host discipleship training and programs. They’re thinking maybe they can open it up to other churches as well, so everyone can send our believers to this discipleship training.

Please pray for Pastor Neb and his church, that they can build their building and that their church will continue to grow.

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