Over 70 Churches in America have Partnered with ServLife in Global Outreach!


An important dimension of the work of ServLife is our partnership with not only individuals but local churches in America to be involved in building global community and active in participating in the Great Commision. Since our beginning, we have partnered with over 70 US congregations ranging in all sizes and numerous denominations on different levels. For some churches, working with ServLife has helped their people be educated and involved in having a direct impact in the regions ServLife is working in. Partnerships with churches have ranged in many different ways. A few examples include:

  • Supporting ServLife financially on a monthly basis
  • Sending Teams on Vision Trips to the regions we work to be involved in the lives of people we serve
  • Setting up a ServLife Store in their church on a monthly basis and selling products
  • Promoting ServLife’s child sponsorships to the congregation
  • Using Joel Vestal’s book, Dangerous Faith, as a small group study
  • Hosting a ServLife dinner or banquet to create awareness
Contact Us if you would like information on how your church can partner with ServLife.

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