Post-Tsunami Family’s Covenience Shop Business Restored through ServLife Hope Fund

Joub and her husband were living in Ban Nam Kem when the Tsunami hit Thailand in 2004. They, like everyone else in their village, lost their home and everything in it when the Tsunami hit. They had run a small convenience shop out of their house for over ten years prior to the Tsunami. After over a year of living in temporary housing, they were given a new house in Ban Moses, a village funded by the Dutch government. Over the next fifteen years, they have to slowly pay back the value of the land at a rate of 650 Baht ($15 USD) per month. Joub had started attending a church in Ban Nam Kem during her days living in the temporary housing village. Being a part of their fellowship, she heard about the ServLife Hope Fund and asked for help. The ServLife Hope Fund helped fund their new mini mart in the house they just moved into. Funds were used to purchase a refrigerator for drinks and perishables, as well as an initial supply of dry goods and other edibles to help stock the store. Upon the delivery of all the goods, local Christians had an opportunity to sit down with the husband and explain why ServLife was willing to offer them hope.

The ServLife Hope Fund has recently been launched in Nepal, and you can get involved today, as the first village to receive loans through the Hope Fund in eastern Nepal has already been selected and the first loans are due to be administered within the next month! Any donation to the ServLife Hope Fund makes a difference so please pray and consider giving financially to the Hope Fund in Nepal. Some businesses can be started for a mere $100-$200.

Make A Donation to the ServLife Hope Fund in Nepal

(From the “Fund” drop-down box, select “Project Support”, then enter the dollar amount and select “ServLife Hope Fund” for the project to give to. Then enter “Hope Fund Nepal” in the Comments section)

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